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Solo: A Star Wars Story/The Old Republic

Solo: A Star Wars Story/The Old Republic

As you may know (Star Wars fan or not) that the most recent Star Wars movie released was about good ol’Han Solo, unfortunately, I can’t really talk about any details of the movie at the moment as Warren still hasn’t watched it yet. However, I’d like to say a couple of words of appreciation.

For the past couple of years, Disney has released new Star Wars movies and a few of them have been a bit hit and miss. In my opinion ‘The Last Jedi’ was really the worst one released, there are a couple reasons for that but I think the main problem was the fact that they changed directors from the force awakens. But that’s beside the point, I really do think that Solo: A Star Wars Story did justice to Han Solo’s character and past and if you’ve seen it you’ll know how exciting the next couple films will be if they get it right!

But because I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, I want to showcase a short movie that was released alongside the game Star Wars – The Old Republic which was comprised of the game’s trailers. When I first saw these short movies when I was 12 (5 years ago!), I had never been so excited for a game to be released, unfortunately, the game didn’t quite live up to the trailers standards but that’d been near impossible.



I hope you enjoyed the short movie as much as I did, I really do believe they’d be missing a trick if they didn’t make this into a series, movie or television. If you want to find out more about The Old Republic there is a series of books written about it on Amazon, they’re also fully voice acted if you wish to purchase the audiobook or you could just play the game! The best part of the game is the storytelling, so it’s definitely worth it if you’ve got the time.

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