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Church Of England – Animated Story

First Step:

So what exactly do we need to do?

The Church of England got in contact with us regarding a five-part animated story called ‘How To Pioneer‘. They wanted this animated series to help promote their new book by David Male, who was one of our contacts on this project. The book is all about teaching people how to help others find Jesus for themselves.

Second Step:
Planning & Organising

How did we plan for Church of England?

We began by agreeing on an animation style.  Dave and Thomas were very clear that they wanted very simple animation and graphics as they didn’t want the viewer to be distracted too much.  Once we agreed on a style we were able to then focus on the script.

To start planning, we sat down together at the office and read through the scripts, we started from start to finish 1-5. As we read through the scripts we had some very clear ideas to represent the script in a visual form.

Third Step:
Voice Over

How did we use the voice over?

We had an amazing  voice actress (Ekene Oboko) for this project and the scripts were read perfectly which really helped with the editing stage which is always nice. She really set the tone and pace for the films.

Fourth Step:
Production & Delivery

Great success to help the book sell

In the production stage, we created all the animations in Adobe After Effects and the different assets in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Being able to get creative using these different software was immensely fun.  We created a Basecamp project, which provided a way to create a schedule with milestones and allowed our clients to leave feedbacks whenever we uploaded a version to approve.

What the client says:

“Thanks for all your work Warren and that of your team. You have done a great job. I am really pleased with how it looks…It’s been great and we’re really pleased with the final product – as you say, lots of candidates for best film!”

View the Films Here