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Author: Leon Dixon

Best Christmas Adverts Of 2018!

It's nearly Christmas! This year Christmas ads have great, I wouldn't say it has been the best year with some of the biggest names not living up to their name *cough* John Lewis *cough* but there have also been some surprisingly good adverts from some new competitors! So here's my top 5 list for the best Christmas...

My Top 5 Favourite Creative Instagram Accounts

So I use Instagram a lot for both personal and business, so I thought I'd share which accounts I like to look out the most! 1. Adobe Adobe is a powerhouse for creativity in the graphic design industry, they have many resources for inspiration including their Instagram! Their Instagram isn't as useful for business in my opinion, just...

What The Font logo

App Of The Week: What The Font

If you work with clients, in design or are just interested in lettering and fonts, What The Font is an app you'd definitely find useful. The app is fairly new, however, the website has been around for quite some time. What is so good...

App Of The Week: Huji Cam

Huji Cam is now being used all over social media, are you using it? How Does It Work? This app is a very simple, filter focused app. The way this app works is that it adds a polaroid type of effect. It also adds light flare...

Spotify – Your Music

Spotify Now obviously Spotify has been around for years now, however, I upgraded to premium a while back and found so really useful features that aren't well advertised by Spotify themselves! So here's just a little break down from what I've discovered. Discover Weekly is the...

Loot App Logo

App Of The Week: Loot

Loot is a financial, digital current account app, aimed at students and it's taking over the app store. It is used for budgeting, which a lot of students (including myself!) do have a problem with sticking to. Another cool thing about this app is that...

Mrs Mandarin

Mrs Mandarin Mrs Mandarin is an additional language resource for Mandarin Chinese and it has been a pleasure to do work for them. This is a great example of what Elemental Media can do for your business. Mrs Mandarin received our full package including website development, branding, printed media and an SEO campaign and has really brought...

Photoshop & Illustrator

Why Should You Learn The Adobe Software?

The Adobe Package So before we begin I just want to outline which software I believe to be the most valuable skill for any business. I think for most businesses the top two software that would be most valuable to learn is: Photoshop Illustrator I've chosen these two as they are arguably the most simple and useful for...

Elemental Space

Logo So in a previous blog I made, I discussed the Elemental Space Logo. We did come to a conclusion and if you follow Elemental Space on any of our social media you may have seen the final design. So whilst I was doing the logo process Warren spotted a design he liked which was the image...